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What can we do here?

It’s actually impossible to mention everything there is in the area. There is something for everyone here. Within a range of 50 miles you find a variety of things: from animation to archeology, caves, wine, golf, amusement parks, you name it. And even closer to home, at half an hour driving, there’s lots of things to do. Burgundy has a wealth of history, buildings and excavations. Even in everyday life you can trace back history. There are walking trails across old Celtic routes and many castles, some open to visit but many still inhabited. You can walk or hike as much as you want, cycle, go fishing or even parasailing. And don’t forget our gastronomy: what’s better than ending an active day with a nice diner, regional products and the famous burgundian wines? Should there be a less sunny day there are still plenty of activities to choose from: seeing cathedrales, driving wine routes, visiting a museum or diving into the indoor swimming pool in Autun. You find the oldest buddha temple in Europe, the ‘temple de mille buddhas’, at less than 8 miles from the campsite. Eight miles the other way you find Bibracte, a true archeological ‘temple’.   camping-directory-logo