A day at Bibractre – Morvan

Claire Lise Gérante du Camping

14 February 2020

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A day at Bibractre – Morvan

Located on Mont Beuvray, Bibracte is an exceptional natural site. It offers magnificent views of the Morvan.

The site visit can be done alone or accompanied by a guide ( 2 hours).


The museum: it traces the history and archaeological discoveries.

Some walks:

Bibracte’s marauding path. The start is located near the Porte du Rebout. This is a marked circuit that offers a hike focused on the discovery of local nature and heritage. (3 km loop).

The tower of the Ramparts. Departure from the museum parking lot. (Allow 2 hours).

The Mont Beuvray forest where we find rare or protected species, both animal and plant.

Other fun ideas

With raptors: you can take an unusual stroll in the Beuvray forest with trained raptors (by reservation)

Perched in the trees: view from above with the tree climbing. (This ascent is done with an instructor).

The gourmet break

to make the most of it, the restaurant Le Chaudron offers Gallic meals, with discovery and tasting workshops.

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