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Canoe & Kayak


kano-morvan-1 What an adventure! A three hour journey departing from the campsite. You will be going downstream for about 11 kilometres right through breathtaking scenery. Kingfishers fly right across the water. Every now and then a large white Charolais cow gives you a pitying look. From Mai on young and old can easily sail the river. We will pick you up at the end of the trip. kano-morvan-3Picnicing alongside the river Arroux. Bring a picnicbasket and enjoy the peace and quietness at the banks of the Arroux together with your family. Explore places where no one ever comes and where even your cell phone comes to rest. You reserve your canoe(s) for the whole day and take elaborate breaks with your family.

Times of departure:

kano-morvan-28.30 or 14.00 hour. We pick you up three hours later at St. Nizier sur Arroux. If you choose for the picnic trip we arrange times of departure and arrival according to your wishes.      


From Etang sur Arroux to St. Nizier sur Arroux

  • kayak 1 person € 19
  • canoe 2 persons € 34
  • additional child in canoe € 7,50

Reservation is obligatory. This activity is not just for people staying at our campsite. Are you staying somewhere else in the area or have you got a second house and do you want to make the trip? Give us a call or drop by to book your trip. Paddles, life-jacket and a vessel to store your luggage dry are included. Don’t forget to take your camera!