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Internet / WIFI


Internet: no one can live without it. It won’t take long before it pushes away the water. Since 2004 our village has ADSL and in 2005 we started providing wireless internet at the campsite.

Till 2007 our guests had to pay to go online. In autumn that year we tried offering it for free. Of course this was a huge success. For free, you see? In 2011 we go on offering free internet.

However, the chain is as strong as it’s weakest link, in this case our appreciated friend France Telecom that cannot yet provide us with enough bandwidth in the region.

We have also noticed many people staying online all day long and thereby, often unaware, downloading all kinds of updates from their programs. You can imagine that with 40 people downloading a 30 MB update from mister Gates at the same time, the system slows down considerably. Yet we’d like to keep our WIFI for free and accessible for everyone. The only rule we will agree on is that no one stays online unnecessarily and we only use it for mails, skype and (of course!) the weather forecast, so the internet. We’ll see how it will work this summer.