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tunneltent-morvan-1 In 2007 we first experimented with renting tunnel tents. On campsites we noticed an increasing number of tunnel tents and we like to offer people the possibility of staying in a tunnel tent. The tunnel tents offers a lot of space. Although made for six people we offer our tents for four people. In case you come with more there’s always the possibility of putting up a small extra sleeping-tent.     tunneltent-morvan-2As you can see there is a real dining area and a ‘kitchen unit’ with fridge and stove. Outside there’s a large picknick table with parasol. Every tent comes with kitchen utensils for four people. tunneltent-morvan-3The two large sleeping compartments offer enough room for two people each. You come with more? There is a possibility of putting up a small extra sleeping-tent. Often double fun for kids, camping in their own tent! For your stay you bring your own bed linen. You also bring your own towels and clothing, but the latter seems obvious! Of course our ten percent discount over the second week in high season also applies the tunnel tents. tunneltent-morvan-4Enjoy a  nice breakfast in the morning sun and then relax in front of your tent with a good book, while keeping an eye on the kids having a good time at the playing field. Our tunnel tents are at the pitches F07, D16, D17, D19, B16 en B19.