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Other rentals

WHAT ELSE DO WE OFFER YOU? Supplementary to our extensive ‘standard’ offer of tunnel tent, laguna tent, caravan, mobilhome and some other things we also offer you:

group tents

Available to you are two group tents, with or without airbeds. Very often larger families passing through use these tents for a simple overnight stay. Also people that have passed their holidays with us can use the group tents to stay in during the last night so they can leave the next morning without first having to break down their tent.


In the large building at the entrance of the campsite we have four rooms that during summer we rent as simple sleeping rooms. Comfortable beds and a small fridge makes them apt for families up to five people passing through. You can use a kitchen en canteen with television and internet.

overnight tent

Your last night you can stay in one of our unoccupied tents. By doing so you get the advantage of being able to calmly pack your car and neatly put away your stuff. Even if the weather has been brilliant throughout your complete stay there’s always the chance it rains on the last day. A few hours of sunshine usually suffices to dry your tent so that you can then break it down. The last night you sleep in one of our tents. Airbeds are there for you. The next morning you take your coffee and croissant or French bread and take on the journey home completely relaxed. During high season we ask you to have left your pitch by the end of the afternoon. If you want to profit from this service please let us know with your reservation or at your arrival. That way you avoid the risk of all tents being occupied.