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The village


Etang sur Arroux, MorvanThe village has just over 2000 inhabitants. The people are very hospitable. The amount of facilities is extraordinary for a village this size. Around 30 companies provide all the daily needs. logostatverteEtang sur Arroux, a ‘station verte’. This is a touristic label offering some guarantees concerning facilities that a village offers.


The village’s history goes way back. For centuries Etang sur Arroux has had narrow bonds with the neighbouring Autun. In our country smaller communities join together. Not so in France. France has more than 38.000(!) communities. That means more than 38.000 mayors! Etang sur Arroux has more than 60 retailers varying from banks to drugstore and anything having to do with food. There is a secondary school, library, you name it.  

Swimming pool

Since a couple of years Etang sur Arroux has a modern municipal swimming pool. For the campsite an important addition to the (beautiful indeed) small rivers. In July and August the pool is open every day. In short: a very pleasant village with nearly all facilities at walking distance from the campsite.